TaylorITEX CIC aim to provide high quality, impartial, information, advice and guidance which will promote the significance of learning to current and potential learners and employers.

IAG is an integral part of the learner journey from the very first contact, through the training and assessment process, past final certification and beyond into the learner’s career.
The objective is to promote, encourage and nurture learning as an ongoing process and is based upon explaining options and the removal of barriers to learning.
The three main stages of the IAG process are:
Pre-course and at course induction stage
  • Giving advice on the most suitable training for the learner
  • Explaining what is involved in the training
  • Explaining how the training is delivered and how long it should take to achieve
  • Advising whether funding is available
  • Explaining what the learner can expect of us and what we expect of the learner
  • Advising about other training which may help the learner progress
  • Giving information on where the learner can access additional information, advice, guidance and support.
Throughout the course and learning period
  • Giving regular learner progress updates and feedback
  • Offering advice on assessment requirements
  • Giving advice on additional support that may be available
At the end of the course and post course stage
  • Giving feedback on the learner’s achievement
  • Allowing the learner to give feedback on their experience of the training
  • Giving advice to the learner on what the next step of their journey could be
  • Checking with the learner to ensure that they are still on track with the aims and goals
You can request an individual 1 – 1 IAG session  at any time at TaylorITEX CIC by completing the contact form below, or telephone Mick Taylor or Julie Mitchell on 01205 360800 or by email.
If at any time we cannot give you the information you request we will endeavour to put you in touch with an organisation that can.